BI/Analytics on NoSQL: Review of Architectures
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  Nicholas Goodman   Nicholas Goodman
CEO and Founder
DynamoBI Corporation


Wednesday, August 24, 2011
11:30 AM - 12:20 AM

Level:  Technical - Introductory

NoSQL is great for running your apps; flexible and scalable. Traditional SQL-centric BI tools are challenging if not impossible to use with data in NoSQL systems.

We will cover and discuss existing implementations, and the broad set of architectures for how organizations are "doing BI" on top of NoSQL systems. We will cover the challenges, strengths, and war stories of these various architectures along with practical advice for those who are adopting or building out these solutions. In particular we hope to help attendees answer the following questions:

  • How do I enable AdHoc, self service reporting on data in my NoSQL?
  • My NoSQL system is massively scalable, but my users complain that reports are slow: How do I improve report performance on my NoSQL data?
  • How do I integrate my NoSQL data with my existing Data Warehouse or BI systems?
  • Some of my data is in traditional RDBMSes; How do I build BI based on NoSQL plus additional outside data?
  • How do I do simple reporting on NoSQL data, but also do the rich complex analytics that only my NoSQL allows (graph analytics, social media analytics, etc)?

Nicholas is a Business Intelligence geek, consultant, hacker, blogger, speaker and entrepreneur. Currently Founder and CEO of DynamoBI he spends his day racing analytic databases, connecting to NoSQL systems, and making data locked in NoSQL available for adhoc reports, OLAP, and dashboards. Nicholas has held various executive and technical roles with companies such as Pentaho, Bayon Technologies, and Sephora. He's worked on more than 50 Open Source BI customer implementations, regularly making additions and enhancements to open source frameworks. He is currently the lead developer and maintainer for LucidDB, the most advanced open source database for BI and Analytics.

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