Re-inventing the Database: What to Keep and What to Throw Away
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  Max Schireson   Max Schireson


Thursday, August 25, 2011
03:00 PM - 03:50 PM

Level:  Business / Non-Technical

NoSQL has turned many database concepts upside down. Consistency models, transactions, data models, and query interfaces are being reinvented. Tradeoffs between performance, availability, managability, and usability are being re-thought. In this talk 10gen President Max Schireson, reviews some of the different approaches being taken and offers opinions on the right choices for different uses.

Mr. Schireson brings nearly 20 years of diverse executive experience in the database industry; in addition to his role at 10gen, he served as Vice President and Chief Applications Architect at Oracle, where he was on the company's Architecture Review Board, and he was Chief Operating Officer at XML database leader MarkLogic, which he joined as employee number 8 and played a key role in growing to over 200 employees.

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